HVAC-designer actually started as a physical tool that was easy to bring along the way. The principals are generally the same as for the digital version, but the physical tool can be used everywhere and also works perfectly as a communication tool e.g. between customers and specialist.

We now have 2 versions

As a new thing we can now offer two versions of the physical hvac-designer: one with Danfoss and Grundfos products, and one with Frese, Kamstrup and Grundfos products.
Just comment which version you want, when you order.

How it works

The tool is very versatile and flexible which means that no matter if you know one or two of the variables below, the other variables will be calculated by the tool. All you have to do is to adjust one of these variables:

  • Flow given in m3/h or l/s
  • Effect and temperature difference
  • Pressure loss over straight pipes based on inner diameter
  • Pressure loss from fittings based on their kV-value
  • Velocity of fluids based on inner diameter

As an example, just spin the wheel so that the line of the desired effect is set to line of the desired temperature difference, and all the other variables will be evident from the tool. In this way, it is very fast and intuitive to outline what types and dimensions of pipes, fittings, valves, pumps and heat meters that you should use to build your heating system.

On the back of the tool, you can find an overview of valves, pumps and heat meters. Read off the compatible components by following the dashed line vertically from the flow value, calculated on the frontpage.
HVAC-designer is based on all the conventional methods for heat system dimensioning and contains a unit converter box. You will have almost everything you need for your work, gathered in one tool.

Order here

You can order you HVAC-designer tool from the following formula.
OBS: If you wish the version with Frese, Kamstrup, and Grundfos products, please leave a comment in the formula below.

    I understand and accept that by making this order, i agree to pay 50 DKK pr. HVAC-designer + delivery costs of 39 DKKI wish to recieve school assignments