The upgraded ALPHA2 pump is now a complete system consisting of an ALPHA2 pump, ALPHA Reader and the Grundfos GO Balance app. By combining these elements, you get a professional tool that can balance radiator and underfloor heating systems in private homes – based on real-time data.

The updated ALPHA3 is the next generation of circulation pumps for private homes and the first circulation pump from Grundfos, which communicates with the Grundfos GO Remote app via Bluetooth. This means that you can easily exchange information between the pump and your smartphone or tablet.

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Easy and fast adjustment of heating systems in single- and two-family houses

A pump. A Reader. An app. This is what together make up Grundfos’ new ALPHA3 system, which makes balancing heating systems easy and fast – and ensures even better heating economy for your customers.

The ALPHA3 system can be used for both radiator and underfloor heating systems.

When you click ALPHA Reader on the new ALPHA3 circulation pump, the data communication is read from the pump. This data is subsequently forwarded to the smartphone or tablet where you have installed Grundfos GO Balance, which is the app that is to be used to control the adjustment of the pump.

The Grundfos GO Balance-app is currently the market’s only mobile platform of its kind for balancing radiator and underfloor heating systems. The app ensures that you always work with real-time calculations of the water flow, which makes the balancing as accurate as possible. Step by step, the app guides you through the entire balancing process for all underfloor heating and radiator units in the home.

Download the Grundfos GO Balance-app on your smartphone or tablet. Find links here.

Here ALPHA3 is an advantage!
ALPHA3 with balancing provides savings on the heating bill and better comfort in homes with the following systems:

  • Indirect district heating systems and central heating systems with two-string radiator systems equipped with preset valves (static valves)
  • Direct district heating system with pump for mixing and with valves with presetting
  • Underfloor heating system installed with presetting in the manifold.

The customer’s benefits of balancing with ALPHA3
The benefit for your customers in buying an ALPHA3 is that the best possible cooling in the heating system is ensured. In general, it means better indoor comfort and less expenses for electricity and heating.

For the following system types, adjustment can not be made with ALPHA3

Radiator system with: 

  • dynamic valves
  • one-string system
  • old valves without presetting.

Underfloor heating system with: 

  • return valves
  • manifold without presetting.

ALPHA3: same basic features as ALPHA2
In addition to being part of an intelligent balancing system, the ALPHA3 pump itself contains the same basic functions as ALPHA2 for the actual pump operation of the heating system:

  • Summer function: the pump exercises itself once a day, which prevents the pump from getting stuck during longer periods of downtime
  • Built-in dry run protection: ensures that the pump stops when there is no water in the pump housing. It provides long life; even under very difficult operating conditions
  • Anti-blocking: vibrations loosen deposits after prolonged downtime. It provides trouble-free operation and reduces the need for service
  • AUTOADAPT: automatically analyzes the heating system, finds the optimal setting and continuously adjusts the operation according to changes in need
  • Energy efficiency: with its low energy efficiency index of 0.15 and a power consumption as low as 3 W, homeowners can minimize their electricity and heat consumption considerably.



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