Excellent use with direct heating systems.
It is recommended that the total pressure loss is recalculated since many district heating plants only guarantee a low differential pressure.

This variant is dimensioned so that the pressure loss over the component is max 10 kPa, using the flow stated in the calculator.
Δp = max. 10 kPa

Regulation interval 5-25 kPa.

For pump dimensioning, a pressure loss of 10 kPa can be expected.

Data sheet


AVPL is a self-acting differential pressure regulator, which closes with increasing differential pressure. AVPL is primarily used in district heating systems and must always be mounted on the return side.

The regulator is equipped with an external thread for connection to the heating system. Threads or welding nipples are supplied as accessories. AVPL can be set to a differential pressure between 0.05 – 0.25 bar (5 – 25 kPa). It is set to 0.1 bar (10 kPa) on delivery. 1 piece is delivered. impulse line 1.5 meters with O-ring gasket and 1 pc. nipple sleeve G 1/16 – R 3/8 for pressure outlet.



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