Pressure loss over tthe component is dimensioned to be max 10 kPa, based on the stated values.

The meter ensures:

  • Stable Uutrasonic technology on flow measuring
  • Exists in flowsized fra qp 0.6…2.5 m³/h
  • Watertemperatur of up to 130 °C
  • Both heating and cooling measurements
  • Possible to communicate via M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus
Data sheet


MULTICAL® ultrasonic meter

  • Flowsizes: 0,6 – 2,5 m³/h
  • Water temperatures:
    • Heating 2-130 °C
    • Cooling 2-130 / 2-50 °C
  • Datalogger:
    • 960 hours
    • 460 days
    • 24 months
    • 15 years
    • 50 events
  • Communication
    • M-Bus, Wireless M-Bus C1 or T1

As with all MULTICAL® energy meters, this heat meter employs the highly accurate ultrasonic technology. Every conceivable drop is measured due to the dynamic range 1600:1 from saturation flow to start flow (250:1 from qp:qi) reducing loss of distributed energy.

The Kamstrup MULTICAL® 302 heat meter has low pressure loss of below 0.1 bar, which reduces the amount of energy required to the circulation pumps in the utility or in the building.

Configuration on site
The easy and user-friendly configuration of the heat meter on-site reduces installation time and errors. The residential energy meter, MULTICAL® 302, meets the needs of both installers and meter readers due to its usability and functional design. By means of a one-button system, MULTICAL® 302 can be configured on-site without any need for special tools or equipment. Whether used in planning, in installations or for administrative purposes, the MULTICAL® 302 is the only heat meter you will need. The meter‘s design features ensure the most efficient operational use of any heat meter. Whether mounted horizontally, vertically or on walls, MULTICAL® 302 can be adjusted to perfectly fit its surroundings. Its high protection class IP68 flow sensor makes the MULTICAL® 302 the leading and best-performing heat meter in its class.



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