Δp = 10 kPa, presetting 1-N

9-130 l/h mounted with RA 200 probe (10-135 l/h mounted with Living føler/TWA actuator)

Data sheet


RA-DV is a series of pressure-independent radiator valves developed for use in 2-pipe heating systems together with all types of thermostat sensors with Danfoss RA union.

Dynamic RA-DV valves are fitted with a flow limiter, which presets the maximum water flow. The valves are available with a maximum water flow of 9-130 l / h. RA-DV has a built-in pressure regulator, which keeps the differential pressure at a constant level of 0.1 bar, so that the set flow is maintained.

RA-DV is equipped with a protective cap, which can be used for manual adjustment during the installation phase.

The protective cap must not be used as a manual barrier. A manual hand adjustment lever should be used (best no. 013G5002). To be able to distinguish it from other valve housings in the Danfoss RA series, the protective cap and the presetting ring on the RA-DV are green.

Valve housings for RA-DV are made of brass with nickel plating. The pressure pin in the stuffing box is made of chrome steel and works in a permanently lubricated O-ring. The entire stuffing box can be replaced without emptying the system.



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