Δp = 10 kPa, presetting 2-N

With presetting 1 RA-U 10/15 can be used with volumes down to 6 l/h. However, clean water is a prerequisite in order to avoid blockage.

Data sheet


Valve housings of the type RA-U are preferably intended to be installed in heating systems with small flow rates through the radiators.

RA-U is mounted in the radiator supply

RA-U can be recognized from the other RA valves on the yellow protective cap and on the “U” mark on the valve neck. An arrow on the valve body shows the flow direction. Data sheet RA-U has integrated presetting so that the maximum water flow is not exceeded. All elements in the RA 2000 series fit with RA-U valves. Element connection is done with simple and strong interconnection.

The valve housing stuffing box can be replaced while there is water and pressure on the system. If it is necessary to add chemicals to the circulating water to avoid limescale deposition and corrosion, it is important that the supplier’s instructions are followed.



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