This is a manual balancing valve. With the stated flow, it is possible to maintain a pressure loss between Δp=5-100 kPa, by adjusting the wheel on the valve.

For DN15-DN25 the lowest wanted setting is set to 0,1. For DN32-DN100 the lowest wanted setting is set to 0,3.

Data sheet


Frese STBV Range

FODRV – DN15-DN300

The Frese FODRV is a Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valve for flow balancing and verification.

The Frese FODRV is ideally suited for use in heating and cooling applications for the balancing and accurate verification of flow in various sections of the system. The Frese FODRV balancing valve ensures simple and reliable verification of the system and can be installed in both variable flow systems and constant flow systems.

The double regulating valve feature allows the valve to be set to the required position and locked thus limiting the opening of the valve. If required, the valve can then be isolated by turning the hand wheel to set point 0.0 and reopened to the previous set point.

The integral fixed orifice, which has a fixed dimension and geometry, induces a difference in pressure for flow measurement.


  • Kvs value printed clearly on the hand wheel for identification during commissioning
  • Simple to install and adjust
  • Clear, 2 digit pre-setting scale
  • Isolation feature
  • Provides an alternative to commissioning sets (only one valve to install instead of a separate DRV and metering station)
  • Delivers accurate control of the flow at all settings


  • Available in sizes DN15 to DN300
  • Double regulating feature enables the valve opening to be set at the desired set point using a 3mm allen key
  • Built in PT ports for flow measurement
  • Can be installed with the Frese PV Compact differential pressure control valve for efficient pressure and flow control